Crop Insurance

IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding SOYBEANS  for 2010 and beyond.

If you have raised in the past or will be raising specialty soybeans, you MUST have this noted on your Federal Crop policy.  Click on the attachment to see guidelines.

RMA Soybean Type info


Keeping accurate records of what you report on your Federal Crop insurance policy is VERY important!  RMA is getting more stringent about auditing policyholder yield histories.   In the past,  a 3 year audit to verify yield histories  was required for conflict of interest and Claims over $100,000.    They are proposing more common auditing practices.

With this in mind,  when you finalize sales for a particular crop year,    make a file that contains  all load records with your elevators and a good feeding record.     It will save alot of hassle when you do get the call for that audit.

Federal Crop Insurance Loss Estimation worksheet